12th January 2020

A method for conceptualising and expressing fencing action

The following text deals with the theory of fencing from a modern point of view and is primarily intended for referees, fencing coaches but also fencers who need to think about fencing more analytically. Ultimately, however, I find it useful for all advanced swordsmen to be familiar with the following terms and concepts, which could also help to clarify and improve public debate. The concepts and terms used in the article are ruleset agnostic and do not imply any particular refereeing style required. All systems either with priority or “after-blow” are compatible.

28th September 2017


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In the next article I would like to present you an alternative version of Schillhau against Longpoint and similar middle positions. There will be some note also about Schiller against Oberhaw because both variants should converge into a similar execution.

12th June 2016

Zornhau ort

Zornhaw ort is the very first technique described in Lichtenauer’s Kunst des Fechtens. It’s sometimes considered as the most basic piece of the Zedel and therefore often overlooked. But it certainly deserves the same attention as more popular techniques like Zwerch or Schiller.